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When should I get my dress altered?
The sooner the better! Mirta recommends six to eight weeks before the wedding to start your alterations, hems & bustles. Two weeks before the wedding, Mirta will meet with you again to make sure everything fits to your liking. This is especially important for those who want to lose weight right before the Big Day. With Alterations by Mirta, you will not have any last-minute worries. When you know your dress fits to perfection, you can relax & enjoy. Your dress will be pressed and ready for wear upon delivery.
How many fittings should I plan?
Most wedding gowns require at least two fittings, plus the final fitting on the day you are scheduled to pick up your gown. Three common alterations include: hemming, bodice & bustle. The first fitting is designed for you to try on your gown & decide what alterations are needed. Some if not all of your alterations will be completed by your second, with future alterations if necessary until if fits perfectly!
What should you bring for the first fitting?

Your dress & any support and undergarments you plan to wear with it, like Spanx, bra, bra cups, corset and crinolines.

Please bring the shoes you plan to wear no later than your second fitting. Some Brides want to change shoes during the event. No problem! If that’s your plan too, bring both pairs! If you have not yet decided on the shoes, please bring a pair with the same heel height you plan to wear.

Should I bustle the dress?
Bustling is a personal choice. It involves lifting & securing your train, typically for the ceremony. This optional alteration depends on the size of the train.
How much do alterations cost?

The cost of alterations are individual to each client & depends largely on the time & materials involved. Because Mirta is an independent seamstress, there are no additional costs or fees to cover overhead or a commercial space. There is no additional cost should the dress need to be taken in before the wedding due to weight loss.

Who will press my gown?
Clients should ask the place of purchase to if they provide a free press before the wedding. Mirta provides pressing at a very reasonable price.
Can Mirta make me a veil to match my gown?
Many Brides want to have a custom veil to match the detailing of their dress. Mirta can create the perfect veil, no matter the size, length or detail including rhinestones, beautiful laces, etc.
Anything else I should know about my appointment?

Please arrive on time. Mirta has a full schedule & wants to give each appointment their full time & attention. Please call 24 hours in advance if you need to change or cancel your appointment.

Do you have a preferred payment method?

Cash payments are preferred. Payments made by check must be cleared seven days before you pick up your garment.

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